About Us


The Fair Housing Council of San Diego, (FHCSD), is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in 1989. The FHCSD envisions a nation, state and region where the value and worth of each individual and group is evidenced through every aspect of community life. Specifically our housing vision is of harmonious, integrated neighborhoods and communities where any “ism” or civil /human rights violation is a thing of the past and where, through united community intolerance of such violations, the American Dream of equal housing opportunity and access is fully realized.

The mission of the FHCSD is to eliminate unlawful housing discrimination in the housing rental, sales, lending and property insurance markets.

Staffing: An executive director with 20 years of experience as a fair housing advocate, attorney, and educator; an attorney acting as investigation and enforcement specialist; a bilingual outreach and education specialist; and a real estate agent who manages housing mobility programs and special events.

Service Components
1. Advocacy: Serve as the community voice speaking out for broad fair housing compliance in the San Diego region; Advocate at the federal level meeting with members of Congress, the state level meeting with California Senators and Assembly members, and the local level meeting with Council members, Mayors, Supervisors to advance the cause of fair housing; interact with Lenders, Insurers, Builders/ Sellers and a broad range of industry professionals

2. Outreach: Implement multi-lingual/cultural activities to inform the general public about rights, resources and remedies for addressing housing discrimination problems.

3. Education-General: Operate telephone hotline for quick response to public inquiry; Conduct community presentations; distribute written information; Use PSAS/newsletters; Educate tenants under “Tips for Tenants and Future Homebuyer “educational series; Provide limited tenant-landlord mediation/other services

4. Education-Special Programs: Present Laws and Litigation Conference series (1992-); UNITYFest series (2000-2006) an anti-hate crimes in housing project; National Fair Housing Month Celebration(s) annually, where supported through non-CDBG funds

5. Technical Assistance and Training – General: Operate hotline and field questions from members of the property owner/manager, lender and insurance industries; Register and participate at industry expos; Develop or review written fair housing policies; submit articles for industry publications

6. Technical Assistance and Training – Special Programs: Offer California Department of Real Estate Approved/Three Hour- Fair Housing course for CLE credit where supported through non-CDBG funding; provide compliance and/or post settlement, affirmative remedy training.

7. Housing Discrimination Complaint Processing: Screen for jurisdictional questions; Intake, investigate, and complete enforcement referrals for bona-fide housing discrimination complaints; Conciliate or litigate fair housing cases as needed.

8. Housing Discrimination Monitoring for Fair Housing Compliance: Monitor every phase of housing transactions including advertising, appraisals, and brokerage services. multiple listing services, Internet advertising & other transactions; Also track mortgage lending; property insurance; hate crimes in housing; and housing rental/sales practices, measuring levels of legal compliance and addressing problems.

9. Advance Supportive Public Policy Development, Serve as Informational Clearinghouse and Complete Discrimination Research: Act a fair housing consultant or clearinghouse and/or or provide educational backdrop for proposed legislation; Participate in local, regional and national (HUD funded) housing discrimination audits;

10. Build Associations, Collaborations and Coalitions: Build associations, coalitions and collaborations among all fair housing stakeholders for more effective use of local and regional funding and other resources; bring public and private resources together for mutually supportive programs.

If you suspect housing discrimination, contact The Fair Housing Council of San Diego:
All contacts and inquires may be sent to msk@fhcsd.com