February 15, 2017

Pre-Conference Session I 9:00 AM  -  10:15 AM Pre-Conference Session I

Pre-Conference Session I

Plenary – Hate Crimes and Terrorism- Historical Hate Groups- Definitions of- Understanding the Differences
This session will review some of the historical development of hate groups in America. The discussion will also review
federal and state housing civil rights/municipal laws that have been passed to address and respond to hate crimes and
terrorism and that serve both preventive and enforcement functions.

Speakers – R. Tamar Hagler, Esq., Deputy Chief, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section, Civil Rights Division, U. S.
Department of Justice- Rebekeh Fretz, Esq., Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice – Alexandra
Seldin, Esq.
, Senior Staff Counsel, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Moderator-Mary Scott Knoll, Executive Director-Fair Housing Council of San Diego

Session Category :  Pre-Conference